Buy a Home

It's Easy!

Just Follow the Steps!

#1 See If You Qualify.

Determine whether you qualify for our down-payment assistance program. In order to qualify for these homes and receive up to $14,349 to put toward your down payment and closing costs, buyers must be considered low-to-moderate income based on federal calculations. Income level is calculated yearly and is determined by number of family members that will live in the home.
2019 Adjusted Gross Income Limits (effective June 28, 2019)
# in Household Income Limit
1 person $41350
2 people $47250
3 people $53150
4 people $59050
5 people $63800
6 people $68500
7 people $73250
8 people $77950

#2 Get Down Payment Assistance.

Please download a free down payment assistance application Down payment assistance is provided through Neighborhood Housing Services of Oklahoma City and Community Action Agency of Oklahoma City.

Neighborhood Housing Services
Neighborhood Housing Services Website

Community Action Agency of Oklahoma City
Community Action Agency of Oklahoma City Website
In addition to the down payment assistance, buyers are required to contribute between 1% and 1.75% of the purchase price from their own funds. Click the links below for additional information on Positively Paseo's low-to-moderate income housing program.

Lender/Realtor DPA Program DPA Program Guidelines
Homebuyer Assistance Program

#3 Contact a lender.

Contact a bank or credit union to secure pre-approval for a home loan.

Things to consider when applying for a loan:

-What is your monthly take-home income?
-What are your monthly bills (utilities, insurance, food, transportation, medical expenses, childcare, etc)?
-How much are you comfortable paying on your monthly mortgage?

#4 Work With Us!

Work with Positively Paseo staff to select your home.
-Do you want a historic home that has been completely rehabilitated or a brand new home?
-How many bedrooms/bathrooms do you need?
For more help, Contact Us.