Our Story

We rebuild Historic Homes and Strengthen Urban Neighborhoods.

We have completed
more than 50 houses

Created more than 50 homeowners

Positively Paseo is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit community housing development organization (CHDO), working to revive urban core neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. Positively Paseo started in the Paseo Historic District, then moved on to Classen Ten Penn, and Classen's North Highland Parked neighborhoods. Our mission is to revitalize urban Oklahoma City by rehabilitating historic homes, re-inhabiting vacant land, and increasing community investment by homeownership.

In the mid 1980's residents of Paseo and surrounding historic neighborhoods joined forces with area church officials, non-profit community associations, local bankers, and commercial property owners to set in place a plan to revitalize the Paseo neighborhood.  Backed by an endorsement from a study by the Urban Land Institute in Washington D.C., Positively Paseo was formed to lead the way in housing rehabilitation.  With a focus on owner-occupancy, staff and volunteers began to renovate deteriorated single-family homes and build new homes on long vacant lots.  Initial funding sources included bank loans and federal grants administered by the City of Oklahoma City.

This work began more than 20 years ago and because of patience and perseverance, the Paseo Historic District (as it is now known) has undergone a renaissance.  Property values have stabilized, criminal activity has all but vanished, and a strong neighborhood association continues to unite neighbors.   It is because of this success that Positively Paseo has joined forces with Classen Ten Penn, Classen’s North Highland Parked, Capitol Hill, and Capitol View residents in order to model the work that has been done in Paseo in four other deteriorated inner-city neighborhoods.

In 2013, Positively Paseo completed our goals in the Paseo District and in 2017 Classen's North Highland Parked neighborhood. Home values, homeowners and community investment increased while crime decreased tremendously. We are so proud to be apart of these blooming strong neighborhoods.

It's Not Just Houses