Strong Neighborhoods Initiative

SNI Logo City officials, the Planning Department at the City of Oklahoma City and community leaders, came together to take a strategic and targeted approach to neighborhood revitalization in the urban core. The Strong Neighborhoods Initiative is the result of that work.

Through extensive data collection and research, three neighborhoods were chosen for strategic investments:

  • Culbertson’s East Highland
  • Classen's North Highland Parked
  • Classen Ten Penn

In these neighborhoods, many homes were deteriorating or shuttered. Sidewalks were in disrepair and city parks were absent or under-unused. Public safety was a serious concern. City planners and neighborhood stakeholders began engaging the usual arsenal of tactics that can help turn a neighborhood around. Using Community Development Block Grant funds and housing funds from HUD, they worked on plans for new sidewalks, affordable housing, and improvements to parks.

SNI neighborhoods are seeing the addition of new sidewalks, new homes are under construction, existing homes are being repaired, hazardous trees are being removed, afterschool programs implemented and more – all in an organized effort to realize the following revitalization outcomes:
  • Improved quality of life—From a place to “A Place”
  • Engaged neighborhood groups, children & parents
  • Decreased turnover in neighborhood & schools
  • Improved property values & market stabilization
  • Decreased perception of crime
  • Reduction of vacant properties
  • Greater connectivity to jobs, education & services
  • Increased homeownership & private investment

The video below explains the project and the outcomes so far!

  2017_Classen's N. Highland Parked 2017 Classen Ten Penn 2017_Culbertson's E Highland