Strong Neighborhoods!

Positively Paseo currently works in three inner-city Oklahoma City neighborhoods: Classen Ten Penn, Classen's North Highland Parked, and the Paseo Historic District. Classen Ten Penn lies between NW 10th and NW 16th, N. Classen/N. Western and N. Blackwelder. Classen's North Highland Parked is bounded by NE 13th to the south, NE 16th to the north, I-235 to the west, and Lincoln to the east. The Paseo Historic District is bounded on the north by NW 30th, on the south by NW 23rd, on the east by N. Walker, and on the west by N. Western. Click on maps below to enlarge. maplegend Classen Ten Penn                                                                Classen's North Highland Parked                                     Paseo Historic District FINALmapsPASEO_Classen Ten Penn    FINALmapsPASEO     UpdatedYearInReview